Russian authorities: Putin’s rule extended by 78% of the Russian voters

MOSCOW  — Almost 78% of voters in Russia have endorsed changes to the nation’s constitution that will permit President Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036, Russian political race authorities said Thursday after all the votes were checked. Kremlin pundits said the vote was fixed. 

In the week-long balloting that closed on Wednesday, 77.9% decided in favor of the changes, and 21.3% casted a ballot against, with 100% of the regions checked by Thursday morning, Russia’s Central Election Commission said. The turnout surpassed 64%, as indicated by authorities. 

The detailed numbers mirror the most elevated level of voter support for Putin in ten years. In the 2018 presidential political race, 76.7% of voters bolstered his bid, while in the 2012 political decision just 63.6% did. 

Be that as it may, Kremlin pundits state the numbers alone show they are bogus, with an unreasonable endorsement rating for the Russian chief in the midst of wide dissatisfaction in the nation over declining expectations for everyday comforts. 

“A record in adulterating votes has been set in Russia,” resistance government official Alexei Navalny said in a Facebook post on Thursday. “The declared outcome has nothing at all to do with the individuals’ supposition.” 

Putin’s endorsement rating was at 59% in May, as per the Levada Center, Russia’s top autonomous surveyor. That was the most reduced in two decades. 

The week-long plebiscite was discolored by boundless reports of weight on voters and different abnormalities, with free political race spectators scrutinizing the democratic method as having a total absence of straightforwardness and autonomous control. 

Without precedent for Russia, surveys were saved open for a whole week to reinforce turnout and evade political race day swarms in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic — an arrangement that Kremlin pundits censured as an additional apparatus to control the result, as voting booths stayed unattended for quite a long time around evening time. 

Eyewitnesses likewise highlighted the persevering weight that state and private bosses put on their staff to cast a ballot, observing that was upset by bureaucratic obstacles and infection related limitations, and the questionable lawful remaining of the early democratic.

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