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Understanding the scope of UI/UX elements for brands in India 

When it comes to creating a unique and distinct branding identity, UI/UX are gaining quite an inevitable significance in the branding spectrum. However, in India, many brands still haven’t been able to leverage the maximum potential of a brilliant UI and UX designing and Copywriting for their business. Well, this might appear a bit intimidating subject to dive into and that’s why we have tried to break it down for you in this guide to help you understand how you can benefit out of it and make your brand pop. 

Understanding UI/UX design for a brand 

For any brand, UI/UX is more than just creating a visual identity. People often tend to confuse it with designing but it’s far beyond that and acts as a powerful significator in building a unique brand identity. If you’re a business owner, no matter what you’re selling, you require a set of components to build a unique visual identity that is integral to your brand, that sets your product and services apart from other existing marketing players in the market. This includes a mix of Colours, Patterns, Fonts, Copies, Layout, Typography and Graphics for your business via web based application or any other digitally interactive platform in order to create a rich user experience. 

In simple terms, this allows your potential customers to directly interact with your brand and get a feel of your product even before buying. Hence, this plays a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience by improving upon the aesthetics of your digital kit. 

Why is it important for brands?

As India is gearing up to become one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world and already attained 3rd position from the top, this can’t be stressed enough that brands really need to become more interactive and user friendly. Catching customers can be a cakewalk but their retention will only be possible if a brand feels real, not a bot. Since, the users of one brand are already exposed to the myriad of options in one product category, So, they are likely to resort to a brand that is more user friendly, thoughtful, interactive and unravel the more authentic essence of the brand personality since it feels more authentic and reliable for them. A great UX that’s intuitive, visually appealing, and easy-to-use can be a key to user retention and increased brand loyalty, garnering organic reach and favourable recommendations for your brand. 

Let’s understand in what other ways, this can be useful for your emerging brand. 

  • Enhancing user attraction, engagement and experience: “First Impression is the last Impression.” This phrase applies well to any web based application. If you’re struggling to navigate through the key features of the app or if the functioning is not feasible then as a user, none would like to revisit such an app. UI/UX exactly helps in creating that favourable first impression that tempts the user to dig deeper into the app, engaging them and making the entire navigation seamlessly smooth and user-friendly for them. It’s interactive, intuitive and offers a personalized experience to its users. Thanks to the brilliant UI design of the app making it super rich. 
  • Easy and effective usage: UI/UX copy makes the app easy and comfortable for the said Target Audience. With minimal yet Interactive UX copy, clear and actionable interface. Users are now able to navigate without any glitches and obstructions and adding to the simplicity of the app. Also, this ensures smooth navigation for both mobile and desktop apps. You will find customisable interface for every platform and it plays a pivotal role in creating an effective usage for web based applications and digital kits across platforms. 
  • Improved Business growth: A brilliant UI/UX works amazingly to create an immensely rich,  satisfying and delightful user experience. It creates such a unique brand experience and personality that makes your brand stand out. This enables your business to reap richer rewardsand long term success. A visually appealing, catchy and eyeball grabbing interface builds a brand value that has a lasting impact and retention that converts to greater revenue, brand success and reputation. 

Hence, it is evident how crucial and transformative UI/UX design can be for your business. Especially, in a country where every minute there’s a new competitor in the market, it can be quite a huge game changer for your business, giving it a unique identity that attracts, stimulates and keeps your users stick to the brand. Add some life to your business by integrating all of its components and see how it magnifies the entire digital landscape for your business. 

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