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Content Strategy for Social Media: A Complete Cheat Sheet

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is becoming vital to take your brands to the next level. A killer content strategy can give your branding landscape the much needed boost and make your brand hit the bull’s eye with its target audience. However, often brands struggle with maintaining the regularity when it comes to content strategy or even if they maintain, the content is not well structured or consistent enough to drive the desirable traffic. 

Well, Prodigital got you covered totally as we have curated a complete cheat sheet for all things Content Strategy that you can use and apply for your brand to build a robust Content Strategy that works wonders for any brand, irrespective of its niche. 


Social Media is the goldmine of all types of content and there’s always a brand war going on to rise above the clutter and make their brand stand out of the crowd. At times, it seems like an uphill task to make your brand voice heard in the sea of content. Well, this cheatsheet comes handy to ace your content strategy game in the most effective way possible and effortlessly become a PRO at it. This is the high time to refine your content strategy and buff the chunk away. 

Identify your target audience:

Identifying your target audience is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to Content Strategy. Thinking of building one? Make sure your idea about your target audience is pretty clear in your head. Say, if your target audience is GenZ, then make sure your brand content is packed with such powerful words that instantly grab the eyeballs of GenZ users across the said platform. The content strategy should resonate with your target audience and their personality. If you have, say, multiple segments of target audience, then make sure your content strategy has got everything to appeal to different audiences. For ex. Zomato since their niche is food and food is something every generation relates to, hence, their content strategy is something that is relatable for every generation and situation. When you have figured out what makes your target audience tick, your half battle is already won. 

Choose your Industry & Sub-Industry:

Suppose the functional industry for your brand is fashion, so, make sure to choose a sub-industry as well. Sub-industry here stands for the specific aspect of Fashion relevant services you cater to. Such as, Fashion Blogging, Fashion Merchandising and warehousing, Fashion Tech, Fashion Influencing, Fashion Consultancy etc. Once you have a clarity across these touchpoints, things will become slightly easier to manage and while formulating your content strategy, you know what & how of how your content should look like and what brand message it should convey. If your business is into Fashion Marketing and Influencing like Viral Pitch then, your content strategy should be relevant or an ideal mix of Influencer Marketing and fashion related content that highlights your awareness and grip in the sub-industry and positions you as a brand that knows what they’re trying to offer and the problem they’re solving in the particular industry.  

Determine your niche:

  Here niche stands for the segment that you wish to zoom in on. Determining your niche is significant to make your content strategy more sound and effective. Say, if you’re into fashion influencing as your core service, then what are the brands and influencers you wish to target and bring onboard. Are you targeting minimalist brands, millennials or gen z or what? Once, you get the clarity around it and your niche is clear that you’re into minimalism and subtlety or something jazzy or vibrant or extreme, then make sure that your content strategy pulls off your chosen niche well that highlights and reflects your brand niche clearly.  

Set & Align your content goals with your brand goals:

Make sure that the branding goals that you’re setting are SMART. 

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Time Bound 

      Once your content goals are aligned with your brand goals, then it would be easier to achieve your brand goals better and quicker. Make sure that your content strategy is as such that it’s easier for your target audience to take the desirable action. If your brand goal is something else, say generating brand awareness, but your content is not providing any product information and the USP of your product and features, then your goal of brand awareness can’t be met. If you’re into Social Media Marketing but if you’re not providing any information through your content strategy that how impactful and powerful is your Social Media Marketing services and how quickly it solves the brand problems and deliver measurable impact and results, your content strategy won’t be able to reap any benefits for you in regard to that specific branding goal.     

Choose your 4-5 content pillars/topics:

Keep at least 4-5 content pillars and topics handy to create your content around say, in Fashion Influencing, you can pick up the various topics that appeals your target audience such as Memes, promotional and informational blogs, inspirational, educational, facts, analytical content, webinars, reels etc. and create relevant content under the content pillar and topic. Also, pick the relevant channel that will complement the specific content pillar the best. Say, for reels, Instagram is the ideal platform as reels is their feature. 

Choose your content forms:

What type of content you’re good at creating and will be able to sustain over a period of time? Say, Video, Graphics, Audio, and photos. If you’re good with videos, perhaps you can find creative ways to present your brand personality via amazing videos, and graphics. Dabble in animation or even AR/VR to create brilliant and awesome content.

Create the Content calendar:

Create a Social Media Calendar in advance. Now that have got a clear idea on what and how to share, you need a plan in place that stores all your ideas and execution formats so that you’re good to go. Make sure that you have a separate plan ready for all channels and platforms that contains ideas and framework and you’re good to go.  

These were some of the tips that you can really use for yourself and build an iconic brand online. The rule of thumb here is maintaining a consistent social media presence across all leading platforms, if possible. Find more creative ways to share your content and convey your brand message across. Maybe host a webinar or a workshop and directly open a dialogue with your audience. There are numerous ways to make your brand stand out, try everything and eventually, you’ll get a cue of what really works for you and then stick to it but make sure whatever you try, it should be relevant to your brand personality and identity. Don’t post unrelated content, this can affect your authenticity as a brand. 


For more such tips, tricks and pool of exciting content that can prove to be a real game changer in your social media and digital marketing journey, stay tuned to Prodigital and become the ultimate PRO of branding through Social Media. 

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