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Diwali 2022: How Brands Celebrate This Diwali Season

Brands and agencies typically produce new and inspirational content around Diwali. Brands all throughout the nation step up their marketing efforts and give online customers a vibrant experience.

In addition to being one of the most anticipated and significant holidays of the year, Diwali is also of uttermost significance on the marketing calendar. This is because 30% of all retail sales are made during the holiday season.

Due to the pandemic that has plagued the world for the past two years, brands prepare heart-warming commercials to encourage people to enjoy Diwali with family, friends, and loved ones.

Diwali Brand Campaign Ideas 2022

Brands are aware of the value of influencers, and as the holiday shopping season draws near, marketers are increasing their spending on influencer marketing to take advantage of the escalating demand.

During the holiday season, firms spend a lot of money on marketing because they anticipate a higher return on investment (ROI) if their efforts are effective.

Here are some of the top influencer marketing Diwali initiatives from the past, hand-selected by us for you as you prepare your campaign:


Coca-Cola has launched a new #MilkeHiManegiDiwali campaign to get India in the holiday spirit. Coke’s new Diwali campaign encourages its audience to not just “greet,” but “meet” their friends and family this holiday season, bringing back the true pleasure of social interactions.

Coca-Cola extends an invitation to its audience to enjoy the true magic of celebrations that are anchored in its philosophy. Coca-Cola is urging people to celebrate Diwali in person this year in an effort to foster a sense of community. Due to people’s reliance on “virtual wishes” in the wake of the pandemic over the past two years, the holiday season has been without the spark of real interactions.


After two years of sparse celebrations, JBL, the most recognisable audio brand from HARMAN, launches its holiday campaign with the slogan “Diwali Sounds Better on JBL,” underlining the joyous attitude of the populace and the sounds of festivities in the air. To begin the 45-day digital campaign, participants are urged to “Mute the World; Unmute the Festivities.”

The focus of the campaign’s Diwali phase will be the size of the holiday celebrations, with everyone being urged to put their problems aside and enjoy with gusto and vigour. JBL’s Diwali Sounds Better honours the sounds of festive celebrations at home and in neighbourhoods.


As the holiday season has begun, the jewellery company Tanishq has released its much-anticipated Pehli Diwali campaign. The movie is a celebration of every Indian woman’s “Firsts” as she embarks on a quest to reinvent herself, making it genuinely deserving of a “Pehli Diwali” celebration. The holiday advertising emphasises the hope that stirs up feelings related to every first.

The three heart-warming films, each lasting 40 seconds, are stitched together around the idea of celebrating Pehli Diwali from many angles. The visually appealing advertising films provide viewers with a peek into the lives of women who believe in celebrating every accomplishment that advances their personal growth. The narrator and uplifting backing music create an emotional rollercoaster.

Cadbury Festivities

#ShopsForShopless, a new Diwali campaign from Cadbury Celebrations, celebrates the strength of communities coming together through technologically enabled solutions. The effort seeks to empower and encourage those hawkers who do not own permanent storefronts by providing them with a virtual store where they can sell their wares.

The company has increased festive enthusiasm by lending a helping hand to neighbourhood hawkers after boosting neighbourhood businesses for the past two years that were adversely affected by the pandemic.

Rocher Ferrero

One of the well-known businesses, Ferrero Rocher, has unveiled a video ad for their forthcoming Diwali digital campaign that stars Hrithik Roshan. This advertisement will be aired across the digital landscape as a part of the brand’s #GoldenDiwali campaign in order to increase consumer brand memory. The campaign attempts to make Ferrero Rocher the ideal option for customers to give a Golden Diwali to their dear ones by equating the brand’s philosophy with the festival’s golden hue.

Hrithik remembers his family’s previous Diwalis as the digital film opens. His family’s fondness for Rocher, known as The Roshan’s affection for Rocher, is one thing that never changes for Diwali.


The campaign’s main message is how thrilled we are to go a little bit crazy during Diwali to make loved ones happy. Amazon wanted to have a direct relationship with its audience, even though this ad primarily highlights their Great Big Indian Sale and substantial discounts.

Tanmay Bhat, Neha Dhupia, and Shobha De were among the celebrities that Amazon engaged to work with them on their promotional video. They spoke on a variety of subjects and asked their fans to be #BadeDilWale.

Kwality Wall

Without desserts, Diwali would not exist. Kwality Walls aimed to persuade customers to present their holiday ice cream baskets rather than customary candies. They worked together with prominent influencers Prajkata Kohli and Sameera Reddy, who both produced entertaining sketches that the audience enjoyed.

With just these two videos receiving over 4 million views, this campaign was a huge success. The engagement on other posts by chefs and food influencers was also very high.


To sum up, Each of these companies used influencer marketing to broaden the audience for their holiday promotions. Are you thinking of creating your own Diwali influencer campaign? Contact the top digital marketing company right away.

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