Visual Search: Not your regular image search

Did you know that the average attention span of a human is shorter than that of a goldfish? Thanks to social
media and the endless other attention-grabbing elements, brands have to ensure that the information is retained
while keeping in mind our notoriously ill attention span. An average human who is living in the city is exposed to
5,000 advertisements per day. While it may not be possible for you to recall all those ads, do you recall Virat
Kohli and Anushka Sharma in the advertisement for Myntra where they used the visual search feature?

Humans can recall 65% of the visual content that they see even after 72 hours. Visual search helps discover the
products faster while suggesting other products that are either similar or could be paired with the main apparel
that you’ve searched for.
Visual search identifies objects by scanning the image/s that have been clicked or uploaded. Visual search
works based on a neural network which uses color, size, and shape of the object in the image to show exact or
similar images. This will introduce new market dynamics that will change the shopping experience for all the
consumers, making it much easier and smoother.
When you see a product endorsement from an influencer in a video, they are only able to tag one product and
redirect the viewers to the retailers or the product. With visual search, the possibility to identify and tag all the
products that are in the video will increase and the users will be able to view and buy different products. The
user’s journey from product search to actual buying will become shorter and smoother which will also increase
revenue for businesses. Some of the biggest companies like Google, Amazon, Snapchat are already using
visual search.

TikTok acquaints Small Gestures with send blessings.

TikTok alongside their image accomplices have propelled Small Gestures, a path for clients to send endowments to their colleagues. 

Brand Partners related with TikTok incorporate Adobe Premiere Rush, a video altering application; Skillshare, an internet learning network; NYX Professional Makeup, a beautifying agents brand; and the sky’s the limit from there. Clients can send endowments, for example, a 90-day membership to an application and increasingly through TikTok Small Gestures. 

The most effective method to Access ‘Little Gestures’ 

Search ‘Little Gestures’ on the Discover Page 

Snap on the purple flag at the highest point of the page 

Peruse through the accomplice contributions, and select the ideal blessing 

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Instances of Brand Partners and Gifts 

Adobe Premiere Rush, a video altering application, offers a free 90-day membership to Premiere Rush. 

Alo Moves, on-request yoga and wellness classes for home and in a hurry, offers a free 30-day preliminary. 

DoorDash, on-request nourishment conveyance stage, 1-month free DashPass membership. 

Fitplan, wellness preparing, free 90-day preliminary of the Fitplan stage. 

Familiar Forever, a language-familiarity application, is offering a 60-day free membership. 

Pandora, the spilling administration, is offering a 90-day preliminary membership. 

Skillshare, an internet learning network, a 2-month Premium Membership for boundless access to Skillshare. 

Blessings you can send through Small Gestures are given by these and a greater amount of such accomplices in magnificence, music, gaming, imagination, wellness and wellbeing, nourishment and cordiality ventures. All endowments recorded on Small Gestures are presently liberated from cost. 

Brand Partners on TikTok are deciding on the well established system of drawing in purchasers with a free preliminary or free items through this progression. Alongside them, TikTok as a stage may likewise have the option to pull in new clients on the stage who might be bid by the offers.

Twitter blooms with natural discussions on 50th #EarthDay

Twitter was overwhelmed with significant discussion mixing around Earth Day 2020 posts about nature and supportability. 

This year has brought such a large number of firsts and new encounters and the current year’s Earth Day, April 22, will unquestionably be among them. While individuals can’t get outside and take an interest in the equivalent open air and aggregate encounters face to face, they are praising the Earth on Twitter this year. 

The discussion on Twitter has spiked 285% around the conversation of ‘activity’ and ‘development’ in maintainability and there have been more than 1 million Tweets tying this time of COVID-19 to impacts on nature and 20 million one of a kind Tweets about the earth since last Earth Day. 

In front of Earth Day, Twitter has propelled another #EarthDay2020 emoticon to support natural discussions. To recognize the 50th Earth Day, Twitter India, Let Me Breathe and Earth Day Network are banding together for #FiftyForFifty: a battle that features 50 years of Earth Day and gives a typical stage to 50 publicly supported advances that we can take in our everyday life to battle environmental change and live reasonably.

Allegedly, Facebook has started limited advertisement costs, because of the declining promotion spends because of the pandemic.

The Wall Street Journal reports “Facebook’s (advertisement) rates have declined 25 percent from February to March”. While Facebook’s group of applications and administrations are seeing record-breaking highs as far as use, a large portion of these administrations are not adapted. 

Then again, the administration ‘Facebook promotions’ that contributes a generous add up to the organization’s income is confronting a downturn. Organizations that usually utilize this administration either need more assets to buy advertisements; have changed needs; don’t see a gainful utilization of these promotions as a result of decreased commercialization; don’t hold significance; or like most pieces of the economy are working with insignificant capacities. 

Alex Schultz, VP of Analytics and Jay Parikh, VP of Engineering referenced, “Our business is in effect unfavorably influenced like such huge numbers of others around the globe. We don’t adapt to a large number of the administrations where we’re seeing expanded commitment, and we’ve seen a debilitating in our advertisements business in nations taking forceful activities to lessen the spread of COVID-19”. 

While the standards of right crowd division, serious offering technique, customary streamlining and more factors will in any case apply, Harshil Karia, Founder and MD, Schbang makes reference to, “We are as of now observing a drop in Cost for each Unit by nearly 40% sometimes”. 

Facebook dispatches assets for instructors to keep educating on the web 

While open air and print publicizing has nearly cleared out because of the countrywide lockdown, the main rivalry that online life stages as of now face is TV. Web-based social networking had been consistently assuming control over TV, the medium that overwhelmed and stayed immaculate for quite a long while, however the pandemic has rerouted the course. 

With updated content methodologies and regulation measures, TV is watching an upsurge in viewership, and advertisement spends have not appeared to endure a shot starting at yet. 

The opposition between internet based life stages is likewise getting harder out there. Prevalently, Facebook and Google ran a duopoly in the Indian computerized promoting market. Harshil Karia says that the fundamentally higher help conveyed by Google to offices and brands, combined with TikTok’s appearance has additionally influenced Facebook’s matter of fact. 

He recommends brands ought to spend and assemble themselves as the lift on lockdown draws nearer, as most extreme advantages that promoting can convey would be procured during that stage. Despite the fact that, he includes “A few brands that are basic are still uninhibitedly being made and disseminated may profit by making some savvy spends right now”. 

The limited Facebook advertisement expenses may profit basic administrations that have been working at an expanded rate or a few non-benefit activities that are endeavoring to contact individuals during the pandemic. In spite of the fact that, it may not be sufficient to bait the ones that have just pulled out.  In a scene of Samosa Talks, Ashish Bhasin, CEO APAC and Chairman India, Dentsu Aegis Network, referenced that the creation side has been hit seriously and hence, brands don’t have the cash to spend on promoting and things may begin coming back to commonality around Diwali.

IGTV application gets Discover tab, sans hand recording alternative and an overhauled landing page with an emphasis on makers and personalisation.

Instagram is patching up its independent IGTV application with an emphasis on making it inviting. With a climb in makers going live all the time, it could be a decent move to guide them into utilizing the application as opposed to getting to IGTV included on the primary Instagram application. 

Purportedly, the landing page has been upgraded to include makers dependent on who they follow and whose content the application thinks may be intriguing to them. An expansion to the application is a Discover tab, like the one on Instagram. It will assist clients with finding new and significant IGTV content. 

How to ensure your image creative stand apart on Instagram? 

Find tab is a key update for prior, the application would show just recordings from individuals clients were at that point following, alongside some well known recordings. The update is required to help the application become more easy to understand, drawing in and pertinent — helping it hold the consideration of buyers. 

One of the most significant updates in the overhauled IGTV application is the choice to go for a without hands recording mode. This will undoubtedly assist makers with trying different things to produce a wide scope of arrangements. 

Concerning getting to IGTV recordings from the Instagram application, the recordings shared on Stories will no longer contain freeze-outlines. Rather, the review would be a 15-second see play of the substance. This is required to build the opportunity of individuals getting snared and watching it completely.

Use Social Media to Get Your Business More Leads Than Ever

The end goal of any marketing strategy is to generate meaningful leads which will convert into business for the brand. While old methods like cold calling are dead, advertising on traditional media is quite costly and not guaranteed to generate foolproof results. Even search engine marketing can be a costly affair for beginners. In that case, social media marketing remains one of the most economical and effective ways of advertising.

This fact is no secret and has caused many brands to jump into the social media marketing bandwagon. Naturally, the consumer has become flooded with promotional content and barely takes any interest in brands. The advent of AdBlockers have certainly not helped the brands in this case. If you as a marketer have been faced by these challenges, this article is for you. With the following easy steps, you too can generate leads using social media:

Find out who is looking for products similar to yours: People have almost replaced the term searching with “Googling”. For everything they need right from buying home furniture to deciding where to eat out, they look for solutions online. Thus, you can easily find out who is making search queries related to your products. You can use a social media monitoring tool for this process and proceed in the following ways:

  • Directly reply to the person offering your product or service as a solution
  • Follow them on social media to establish a relationship with them which can turn out to be meaningful for your business in the future.
  • Share a link with them which has multiple options as their solution, one of which is your business.

Find out who is unhappy with your competition: You can accomplish this with the help of your social media monitoring tool as well. Create alerts for people who are posting about dissatisfactory experiences with other companies in the same genre. Through a sentiment analysis you can easily filter out the negative ones and reach out to them presenting your product as a solution minus the shortcomings they had faced with the previous one. You can even use this information to ensure that your product and brand presence does not repeat the same mistakes.

Collaborate with influencers in your niche: With social media being such an important part of everyone’s lives, influencer marketing seems to be the norm of the day. While you can collaborate with influencers in your genre to increase your brand presence, it can also go a long way in driving sales. The key is to follow the influencers on YouTube and Instagram and figure out exactly who has a good reach amongst your target audience and does work in the same niche as your brand. Using these tactics to generate leads from social media will help you come in  contact with people to whom you can make a sale very easily, since they are already aware of your category and just need a little more information about your brand, or a little information about how your brand is better than the rest, in order to switch from their existing brand.

Common Risks Internet Entrepreneurs Are Facing Today

While the internet has opened the gates for all aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, it has also imposed an unspoken need upon them to be bold and take risks. While risk-taking is a necessary quality in entrepreneurs whether in the digital era or before it, businesses powered by the internet have a whole different set of risks. As an entrepreneur one of you core tasks is to strike the balance between taking excessive risks and playing too safe. It always helps if you know what you can expect. These are some of the common risks:

Lawsuits: We live in an era where lawsuits can be filed very easily, and people end up getting sued for frivolous reasons. As a preventive measure against such situations, many restrictive laws are formulated by entrepreneurs. This requires a lot of time, energy and manpower which could have been used elsewhere. Alternatively, if the company does end up getting sued for something, it can be a huge drain on the finances. Having lawsuit insurances in place is a good strategy to safeguard the company against any such incidents, and totally worth the cost.

Cyber Attacks: While it is a common perception that cyber-attacks are mostly aimed at large corporations, it is a fact that even small business owners come under attack. In fact, hackers prefer small businesses because they are most likely to be less protected than the large ones. Be it malware, ransomware, data theft or even stolen content, no risk is off the table for startups. The only foolproof solution for this seems to be hiring a cyber security professional.

Social Media: The very thing that catapulted you to success might be used against you. Social media can be as huge a risk as it is an asset. Even one bad tweet or an insensitive Facebook update can create a backlash. Sometimes even poorly timed posts face the heat. In an age where taking screenshots costs nothing and takes a second, there is no forgiving bad social media strategy. And its effect on branding can be serious. You need to be very mindful of these if you are handling social media yourself, and in case you have a team doing the same it is necessary to maintain guidelines and review every single post that goes out.

Reliable Employees: Like any other business from the olden days, you may manage to get everything right from the funding to the products, but the most uncertain internal factor remains getting trustworthy and efficient employees. Keeping them organised and motivated is of of the biggest challenges of an entrepreneur. Encouraging them and providing them with all the resources to help them give their best is important. Otherwise they may be tempted to leak inside information or engage in other financial and cyber malpractices.

While we agree that there are multiple risks to being an entrepreneur, with the right attitude and planning you can overcome all these challenges.

Take Branding to The Next Level with Personal Branding

If you want your product to go one step ahead of disruption and make sure it makes an impact in the long run, you must be aware of how important branding is. While the product branding must be strong, you should take it a notch higher with personal branding- and we will tell you why. While AI may have taken over almost all operations, to be able to make connections, the human touch is important. People want to work with you, they want to invest in your business, not the technology that handles your data. For collaborations or investments, it is very common to look someone up online and get an idea of what he/she stands for regarding business ethics and style of work, before deciding to take the plunge. So, even if you prefer not being a social butterfly, for the sake of your business, it is imperative to build the right kind of personal presence that aligns with your brand identity.

Isn’t advertising supposed to build my brand?

The truth is, advertising is losing its impact by the day. People are saturated with the claims that advertisements make. They trust real people, which explains the sudden focus on user reviews. In this scenario, it is all the more important that they find you as a person worth putting their faith on. Experts call this the “Musk Effect”. While Tesla is a company is new, it has surged in popularity because Elon Musk comes across to the people as a real person, not a strategized mouthpiece. People love to engage with a brand that has a more human identity than a logo, tagline or an ad campaign.

What IS the brand, for people?

For smaller brands, normally the founder is the brand. More specifically, it is the target buyer’s perception of who the founder is. This perception a long with the brand identity is what draws attention to the brand. Nowadays, the social media presence forms a very important part of personal branding, so make sure to tailor your posts as per the image you would want your brand to have.

How do I actually create and expand this presence?

The prospect of asking your employees to share your content and validate your image is just not cutting it anymore, simply because it is not credible enough. It is a different form of advertising, if you think about it. Also, if there is nothing in it for the employee, they won’t be doing it for long anyways. What really works is delivering credible and real information about yourself, your values and ethics and the brand you are building, what it means to you, what you seek to achieve out of it and what does it stand for. If customers cannot build faith in your content, you are at a risk of obsolescence in the long run.

You have given all your efforts to an assignment that you also enjoyed doing, and finally when it is time to sit back and relax, your client asks to discuss the report. While it is true that this is a part of the job, it is also that arduous and monotonous part of the job that nobody loves doing. All of us have been there, so no judgement here. What if I tell you that you could use reporting to retain your existing clients and build a long-term relationship with them?

It is true. SEO reporting helps communicate our value to clients and enables them to form trust on us, which is great news for the business. With the help of a few easy practices, you too can make the most of reports to make sure your clients pick only you for their business.

Customise the report: If your biggest frustration is that the client barely reads the report when you have spent hours making it, try a different approach. Assess what factors are important to the client well in advance. This will differ from client to client. Some may want brand awareness while some may want to drive sales. Highlight only those metrics which are relevant to the client’s objectives. This will do a good job of grabbing their attention.

Provide insights: There is much more to reporting than merely putting together a bunch of numbers and delivering it to your clients. They are essentially paying you to help them understand how to make their business function in a way that their goals are achieved. This understanding comes with insights, that you need to provide to them. Integrate the numbers and break them down in simple language to help the client understand what it means, why they should care about these numbers, where the figures stand vis-à-vis industry standards and what they can do to reach there.

Simplify: Your client is qualified to deal in an entirely different industry and may not be aware of digital marketing jargon. Once you understand this, it will be easier for you to connect with him. Keep the language simple and common in all the insights provided and make sure none of the metrics appear confusing. It is a good idea to attach indexes with charts. You can even attach an appendix of the terms used for ready reference.

Fill in the gaps: No matter how detailed your report is and no matter how many notes you have attached with it, there is a high chance your client might still have some doubts. It is best to have a one-on-one conversation with the client over phone or in person where you can take them through the report and address their doubts in detail.

By making these small efforts, you will stand out in the mind of your client and ensure that the next time they require any SEO services, they dial your number without a second thought.

What Your Clients Need to Know Before Testing Low Volume Ad Accounts

If your client has a paid search account, it is a no-brainer that you need to run tests to assess how it is performing. While you may come across multiple guides on how to go about this, you might have noticed that most of these guides talk about high volume accounts. But what to do if your account is low volume? If low volume ad accounts are new territory for you, here are a few things you must know, and communicate to your clients, so that they can set their expectations for the campaign accordingly.

Time factor: As soon as you have figured that a particular account is a low volume one, you must tell the client immediately that coming up with accurate test results is going to take time, and the time frame involved is much more than what it would have been for a high volume account. Ay credible test on significant variables is going to take 30 to 60 days in case of low volume accounts. In case you are expected to isolate one metric and study its evolution, it might even go up to 120 days. It is important the clients understand this and keep reasonable expectations. If you have prior experience, you can jot down the metrics you are supposed to test and based on historical data give the client an expected timeline.

There should be no changes: Because of the longer time frame, people mostly tend to forget that testing is in progress. They end up making changes in the testing environment, which can significantly alter the results. If the test is conducted across multiple campaigns, the impact o changes will be interconnected and later the results by a huge margin. To avoid this and get accurate results, remind your client at the very beginning to be careful about not touching anything that is being tested.

Unexpected results: The clients must be prepared for the tests to show results different than the conventional, where one particular metric is shown to be “winning”, or the best metric. The test might show results which do not clearly favour one particular metric. Low volume accounts are particularly vulnerable because every change in user intent impacts it by a huge percentage. Make sure the client is on board with these possibilities. The fact remains that there is no perfect test environment and conventional result for low volume accounts, and a lot of improvisation might be needed. You need to have this conversation with your client by means of a detailed communication in order to operate successfully.

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