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Yoga: A way of life

International Yoga day is celebrated on 21 June every year. Especially in times like this, when everyone is suffering both physically and mentally from the consequences of the pandemic this day is of paramount significance. It is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which implies unification of the Individual Consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

The idea was first proposed  during the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2014. Since then it is marked as a day to celebrate the richness of Yoga – ‘Ancient India’s invaluable gift to the world.’ 

Origin Of Yoga 

The origin of yoga has been traced all the way back to pre-Vedic Indian practices, as referenced in the Rigveda, developed around the 6th & 5th century BCE. The  early writings portraying yoga rehearses are not very clear, varyingly credited to Hindu Upanishads and Buddhist Pali Canon, likely of the third century BCE or later. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali date from the main portion of the first thousand years CE, however it acquired recognition in the West in the twentieth century. Hatha yoga messages arose around the eleventh century with beginnings in tantra. 

Yoga gurus from India introduced yoga to the west, following the accomplishment of Swami Vivekananda in the late nineteenth and mid twentieth century. During the 1980s, it got famous as a series of exercises across the Western world. However, in Indian practices, it is more than just exercise, it’s anything but meditative and spiritual practice for us. One of the six significant customary schools of Hinduism is called Yoga, which has its own epistemology and metaphysics, and is firmly identified with Hindu Samkhya theory. 

Many consider it just as an exercise where individuals curve, turn, stretch, and breath, but it is much more than that in reality it is a significant study of boundless potential of the human psyche and soul. Which is why it is often referred as ‘A way of life’, because it is the complete essence of Life, including-

  • Gyan Yog (philosophy), 
  • Bhakti Yog (way of reverential euphoria), 
  • Karma Yog (way of blissful action), and 
  • Raja Yog (way of mind control)

The ultimate goal is to attain liberation (Moksh)- a liberation from the chains of causes and effect and the cycle of birth and rebirth!

What happens if you do it daily?

People have witnessed some incredible results of doing yoga everyday, some of which are mentioned below-

  • It Improve flexibility and mobility
  • It build strength
  • It helps in building correct posture
  • It improves heart health
  • Helps in weight loss process
  • It cultivate self-awareness
  • It increase your energy
  • Helps in reducing stress
  • Helps in sleeping better
  • It reduces inflammation
  • Makes us more mindful
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Help in managing depression
  • Reduces lower back pain

With such amazing health benefits there is no good reason why you should start doing yoga everyday. 

But before you start, consider the following points-

Here are some tips and warnings if you are just beginning to adapt and change your life, 

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable

Wear something that will not limit your movements. Start without socks and shoes. 

  • Try not to push through pain. 

If you feel some kind of pain stop immediately, do not push yourself against your body limits

  • Read and understand all the dos and don’ts clearly 

If you are practising with an instructor then listen carefully to each and every instruction. 

  • Try not to compare yourself with others. 

Your excursion and your training is yours alone.

  • Practice self love. 

Be receptive, make an effort not to pass judgment on yourself, negative thoughts can impact how your body reacts. 

  • Show patience with yourself. 

Simply be open and realize that it regularly takes six to eight days to become more acquainted with how your body feels. Be patient with the results.

Now that you know everything that there is to know, just roll out your mats and start doing it!

Instagram marketing tactics to increase brand awareness

Instagram is the buzzword for the Gen Zs and recently, even millennials are taking it by storm. Every news, update or the happenings first break out on social media platforms, especially Instagram and twitter. 

And that is exactly why customising your brand presence on Instagram is crucial to grow. Your target audience is continuously scrolling through their feeds, if your one post can make them stop and stare, half your work is done. Rest will be done through your offerings. 

So how do you leverage the power of this influential social media platform?

  1. Build your presence on the platform

It’s not just big brands anymore who build their presence on social media, rather each brand, no matter big or small should do it. 

The people you want to target are spending a significant amount of time on these platforms, so leverage that power and position yourself as one of the prominent brands in your niche. 

  1. Create relevant and authentic content

Being a cosmetic industry, if you post about fitness tips, it makes no sense right? 

Post what matters most to you as a company, post about recent updates, curate content around your niche; that is the way to grow organically on Instagram. 

  1. Analyze your insights

Knowing your insights is probably the best way to move forward with your strategy and content. It will give you a good sneak peak on which content is performing better and what kind of audience it’s attracting. 

  1. Study your audience

Know your audience and their needs and demands. If you are able to understand the state of your audience and act accordingly, your work is half done. 

  1. Be consistent 

Don’t think posting once in a while is okay, or maybe good enough. Running a page on a social media platform is about consistency and patience. Have them both to grow and flourish in this environment.

These are the basic steps in moving and planning your instagram strategy. When you start working on them, you’ll face many challenges and ups and downs, but remember that consistency is the key here. 

The growing trend of small businesses

In the present time small businesses have more choices than any other time in recent memory. The quantity of tools and applications intended for making everyday tasks simpler is more than ever. From automation to social media everything is offering incredible capacities for businesses to grow.

However, with power, a variety of tools and applications to look over, and quick changes in advertising patterns, comes intricacy and vulnerability in knowing which strategies and devices are successful and convey results. Furthermore, with fast change in organization trends, it may very well be pushing entrepreneurs to do their best in identifying patterns and understanding what can turn out best for their organization.

Consumers (77%) are willing to pay more if they receive excellent customer service from small businesses.

With this being said it is quite evident that enterprises that are providing excellent services are more likely to grow faster, but for that to happen it is very important to jump on the bandwagon.

And entrepreneurs today understand that very well. They truly understand what customers want, and are successful in providing them that. For eg customised gifts were not a very common trend before but since last decade it has gained popularity which was because people realised how everyone wants to add a personal touch to the presents while gifting someone and customised gifts services started growing.

The 4 key features for a successful enterprise are:

  • Business plan

To succeed, a firm needs to have a plan. An entrepreneur should make a solid strategy that incorporates a depiction of the business the organization will lead, sales and promoting plans, workforce needs, production expenses and income projections. A firm with a strong marketable strategy has a preferred possibility at progress over an organization without any plans.

  • Customer care

It tends to be similarly hard to hold customers and to win them in any case. To set up a solid income stream, a small enterprise needs to zero in on customer care abilities to retain business. Each individual in the organization from the proprietor on down should be prepared in acceptable customer assistance abilities consistently. Performing far in excess of a customer’s assumptions is a basic part of their achievement.

  • Advertising

A fruitful enterprise is persistently searching for better approaches to advertise the organization, or organization items, to new crowds and to existing target audience. The appearance of the Internet has offered a bunch of minimal expenses or free promoting outlets that a company can use innovatively.

  • Satisfied Employees

When running a small venture, each worker’s commitment is imperative to the organization’s overall success. At the point when an entrepreneur makes a special effort to make a positive environment for his workers, the outcome also has positive results.

Covid-19 has reasonably affected every organization on the globe but the small firms had the most impact. Since the economy is affected pretty badly and disposable income being low people are spending less which directly or indirectly affects these enterprises.

But here are few ways how you can help them flourish and grow even in this testing times:

  • If you can afford, try to buy the product or services at the rate at which they are offered. Now is not the time when we should be bargaining.
  • We always think of ways how we can help someone’s venture grow without having to invest your own money. Well you still can contribute by doing small things on your part like liking or sharing the post. You can always support them by giving shout outs through your Instagram or Facebook stories.
  • Buy from local stores as often as possible. Support them by making small purchases every now and then instead of spending a large sum of your money on some branded item.
  • You can also offer your support by offering them your skills! Yes, that’s right, if you are good at something you can offer to help them with that. For example, if you are good with managing money and maintaining records then you can assist your nearby corporation. They will definitely welcome your help.

We should stand together and be there for small enterprises. Our community and society would not be the same without them. With our help, entrepreneurs will actually want to go on until we pass the current times. A small step from our side stays with them for a long period of time.

4 days work week: Pros and Cons

Balancing between work and life has consistently been a battle. An expanded worry for laborers’ rights matched with automation has made a shift recently. Certain companies don’t need as many working hours any longer, and the second wave of Covid-19 has ruined mental wellbeing, which is affecting our everyday life and work. However, in the midst of the difficult stretches, a few organizations have ventured to give solace and help it’d employees by presenting a four-day work week. While a few firms have fixed the off days — either Wednesday as a mid-week off or Friday to make it a long end of the week — others have given employees the freedom to pick a day according to their comfort. The move is started to show and take care of one’s health and to help them stay away from burnout and adapt to the mental effect of the current circumstance. After all health is wealth, and this pandemic has taught us this lesson pretty well!

Moving on:

Many might not believe but this four day work week concept is not as new as many of us think. In 1930, during the Great Depression, financial analyst John Maynard Keynes anticipated that we’d all have a 15-hour work week ” in100 years.”

Keynes saw the increase of industrialization and expected the pattern toward more proficient work techniques would proceed. When a professional has earned and saved enough to pay for their necessities, he proposed, they’d select to invest more energy at home or in recreation, diminishing the working number of days in a week to just a few days.

The thought stayed only thought for nearly a century, until 1998, when France established the first of its two “Aubry” laws that decreased the public week’s worth of work to 35 hours rather than 39, with an abundance of hours considering additional time. Their point was to reduce their 12% unemployment rate through work-sharing, yet the achievement of this plan got different nations returning to their standard plans for getting work done.

“The Four-day Workweek Is An Idea Ahead Of Its Time.”

By working all the more efficiently, there is no good reason behind why individuals can’t work fewer hours and deliver the same if not more–effective. Individuals should be paid more for working less time, so they can manage the cost of more free and leisure time. That will be a difficult thing to get right, yet it can surely be done.

Various nations in Europe are as of now testing and executing more limited work-filled weeks in varying degrees.

But does this pattern work? Could people achieve a similar target in four days as they can in five? Also, provided that if it’s true, why aren’t we doing it already?

How about we take a gander at what we know so far to understand how viable the four-day workweek truly is.

PROS of 4 day work week

Overall Cost Reduction:

A four-day workweek can save cash off the employer and the employee as well.  They don’t need to drive to work, spend on food and beverages while managers can cut their power bills by 25%.

Higher Productivity:

Employees are more engaged and take fewer breaks when they should work four days every week. All the more significantly, they begin to deal with their time all the more proficiently and intelligently. Thus, they don’t squander their energy on futile exercises, for example, scrolling social media and making unnecessary chats with colleagues.

Happy and Fulfilled Employees:

A four-day workweek makes employees cheerful and thus they are more connected at work. It likewise boosts their morale which helps them in balancing work and life. Because of this, workers are happier with their positions. This reduces the turnover rate and lessens absenteeism.

Lower Environmental Degradation:

A four-day week’s worth of work can decrease the carbon impression of the two machines and vehicles. Your representatives will not need to drive to and from the office. This limits carbon impression. In 2009, the province of Utah carried out a four-day week’s worth of work and figured out how to decrease its CO2 emission by 12,000 metric tons a year.

New research by Henley Business School reports that companies that adopted a four day week found that over three quarters of staff (78%) were happier, less stressed (70%) and took fewer days off ill (62%).

CONS of 4 day work week

Extended periods:

Working a day less means working a few hours more each day to compensate. A 10-hour workday is a long one, and only a few people have the endurance for it. Furthermore, working longer hours (over 10 hours per day) contrarily affects employee wellbeing. And they might become frustrated.

Client and customer service issues:

Customers and customers for the most part comprehend that employees won’t react to issues outside of their customary work hours, however when something emerges during a workday, it’s an alternate story. Somebody at the association should be accessible to address work day issues. Guaranteeing that all regions have the necessary coverage every workday can require a lot of thought and savvy scheduling.

Effect in groups and tasks:

If representatives’ days off are dissipated, it might get hard to plan gatherings and oversee projects. Workers may likewise feel compelled to bring in on their days off so they don’t pass up significant updates or seem uncertain.

Just like a 4 day work week, working for 5 days too has its pros and cons. Now it’s up to the organisations, they will have to measure and decide what is more overall profitable to their organisations and result better in the long run for their employees.

Extraordinary ways to create brand awareness

Brand awareness is the very first step in the marketing regime that builds the crucial foundation to acquire customers. Without awareness, it’ll be difficult to achieve your desired goals and  objectives; since people buy what they see. 

If your brand has no visibility, how do you expect the customers to engage with your offerings as a business? Let your brand presence be able to create top of mind recall and retention for your services. 

How to create effective brand awareness?

To build a presence, you need to step up on your digital platforms and take tasks that will generate visibility for your brand. 

Here are a few steps to help you notch up your brand:

  1. Maximize your social media presence

Not being on social media or just being there for the sake of it can be a mistake, especially in this digital driven environment. The fast moving pace of this world calls for immediate updates and global screen presence, social media will do just that and  more. So, go ahead and build your presence on social media. 

Talk about your brand, your vision, your goals and the value that you add to people’s lives. All of this combined will make you stand out and garner visibility for your offerings. 

  1. Use branded labels for product packaging

Have you noticed how a labeled packaging draws in more affection and curiosity than a plain non-labeled packaging? Exactly! Labeling your product not only draws in attention but generates more visibility that may convert into potential customers for your brand. 

  1. Start a podcast on Spotify

Podcasts are slowly gaining more recognition and are becoming a great source to market your products/services. This is a good way because people can hear you while working, doing chores or any activity without being distracted. 

  1. Develop a narrative

Storytelling is an art and there are a zillion reasons and theories behind the same. Having a narrative about your brand will provide the required human touch to your offerings and engage on more than just a financial domain with the customers.

Narrative can be anything under the sun, provided it’s true and relevant to your brand. Have a story about how and why you began, the founder’s ideologies and goals, company growth and much more. Just keep it as interactive as you can. 

  1. Guest blogs on other websites

Tie-up with relevant publications that also target the people you want to engage with and start sending out opinion pieces to them. This will not only build presence but also establish you as a thought leader in the industry. Blogging is one the best ways to reach out to a large chunk of people with minimal efforts. 

  1. Have a logo or symbol that represents you

There are certain brands that can be recognised at the blink of an eye through their logos. Now we know that doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen at one point and needs to be on your priority list. Have a symbol that shows what you are and makes you unique. 

These are certain dos and pointers to keep in mind when looking to build awareness for your brand. Following them will help you reach a level where you’ll be in the industry without the need to tell people who you are and what you do. Building a community ain’t easy, but it will be beneficial in the long run and sticking to your ideologies can get you on the top. 

5 types of influencer marketing campaigns

Finding or heading your favorite marketing campaign is always important, whether it’s beauty or related to online business. More than 90% of the people all around the globe have access to the internet, where they build up different campaigns to attract customers and clients from all around the world. 

Beauty brands have a different yet unique way of marketing and advertising just because they cater to a larger audience base. There is emerging technology and advancements for men and women all around the globe, which has led to shifts in customers’ preferences and choices. Creating awareness and understanding what your customers need and clients want should be the supremacy to grab all types of attention from their end. 

Let’s understand in-depth how to increase your marketing campaign and how we as individuals can maximize the total outcome:

Campaigning by influencer:  On social media, everyone can be an influencer, thus it’s pretty hard to identify to stand out of the box and choose a good presenter for your products and services. As 70% of people have a direct impact through what influencers depict and say so, it’s become a necessity to have good influences for your campaigns. Make sure to share user-generated content in accordance with your customer’s needs, which can help you to capture a good and meaningful audience. Always listen to your customers and their ideas towards your plans and events, it’s important to make them feel heard. Have a clear understanding between you and your online creators to not mislead any further hindrance. 

Competitions and giveaways: Interacting with your people is very important and is usually done by well-known beauty startups and brands. Through online competitions, giveaways, and different varied engagements one can interact with their customers and clients. This will enhance their products and will eventually increase brand visibility, people who were not well known about the organization will now come to know about its services. Have events that can reveal your insight and the working of the organization, to make customers well aware of your image and value. Interaction is beneficial to all types of people, thus having a fruitful impact to heighten your business. 

Cause centric campaign: Picking a cause that should have been tackled and which should be presented to people all around should be a major cause of all types of marketing. Brands like Dove have always presented their products with a cause that made them more attractive and real for its customers. Creating a specific campaign that caters to a particular cause is very important, as it will help one to lure the general market. #IWillNotBeDeleted, a campaign by Rimmel’s in the year 2021, aimed to create awareness about cyberbullying and give a voice to change. 

Content marketing: Content is an important part of any marketing strategy and so is for Beauty. Brichbox launched its magazine for the year 2021, to grab the attention of its Customers. The company also gained more than a million followers and subscribers altogether by content as the main medium. One can also give free samples of their content to lure more audience. Free shipping or free trials can also give you an upper edge, so make sure to jump on it. Mention about your new comings in your content so that they go through to their content as well. The creation of digital content is necessary to increase engagement and interaction.

Social media Campaigns: Social Media plays an important role in daily life and activities and thus even for any industry this notion is active. By combining the power of social media many companies like Fenty Beauty have gained a lot of customers in a year. The company also provided relevant information on different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. One can leverage and find different ways to engage the particular niche. 

Now that we are aware of some basic yet important campings, let’s work to implement them to build trust and customer satisfaction. Having a well-designed structure is beneficial to all types and the presenter too, thus make sure to design and analyze well. Authentic content and presentation are commendable, always make sure to have the content and address problems of your targeted market to make them feel heard and seen.

It’s 2021, where every company wants to maximize their leads and wants to make a huge impact, thus by forgetting about stereotypes and already existing standards and venturing into the unknown for your customers and clients is highly recommended in this era. 

Why should you invest in digital marketing tools as a brand?

An aspect that is quite prevalent these days is, it’s hard to see the importance of digital marketing as it uses a lot of time, budget, and energy daily, thus the question arises why should we invest in digital marketing as a brand. But, before we dive into this question, let’s understand digital marketing and its importance for every type of brand.

Digital Marketing and Its Importance

Marketing online through the means of different platforms like email, social media platforms, websites, and optimization is termed as digital marketing. If your goal is to generate leads, increase engagement, deliver content and create brand awareness then marketing digitally is very important. Though the importance of digital marketing is quite in-depth, investing in it has a direct connection to ROI and an increase in engagement. Marketing digitally can help you grow your business and increase brand value. 

Why should one’s brand invest in digital marketing?

High coverage and opportunity: The Internet is expanding daily and has become a medium to share all important updates and information. It has become a hub where people share content, products, and services with their customers and clients from all around. An average person spends more than 6 hours a day surfing the internet, thus, as there has been a tremendous shift in marketing and advertising, with advancement one has to revolve around these shifts to encourage a larger audience. With digital marketing, one can surely cover a larger and targeted audience to impact the right customer.

Lead Generation: Aren’t we all ready for customers and waiting for them to convert into potential leads? One can take effective measures and tactics to generate potential leads which can be converted into regular customers in a short span of time. One can leave a digital footprint to get hold of all important information and knowledge about customer working and status which can help to get leads. 

Boosts your brand value and increases creativity: One of the advantages of digital marketing is boosting brand value and increasing brand awareness. It helps in motivating your customers and impact them with the appropriate information and data. One can develop ideas and create opportunities through marketing online. It’s beneficial to make the customers satisfied, and having a good outline, display, presentation, and navigation will help one to gain better customer’s for the long run. 

Customer engagement and interaction: Not only does digital marketing help one to increase their brand value but also increases customer engagement and Interaction. One can provide different essentials which can add feathers to their engagement and enhance the common Interaction, some of these are as follows.

  • Work according to one’s niche and observe customers who need your product and services.
  • One can have different quizzes, contests, giveaways and to lure the general public.
  • One can address negative feedback before they impact the overall SEO. 
  • One can act on customers’ reviews and make necessary changes by adhering to them. 
  • One can use Hashtags, DMs to interact and increase the online presence of your brand. 

Improved position in result of search or ranking:  An important aspect is improved position in result of search which will eventually increase brand image and value. Through effective contributions to make a distinct impact one can make improvements in the position of the company in terms of Search results. With digital marketing as one of the factors, one can make a huge difference in the overall structure and functioning of the company. SEO encourages regular online presence and re-indexing of one’s website. 

Optimization through Keywords: Digital marketing helps in keyword Optimization, it helps in the improvement of the overall functioning of the company and brand. Through content, which depicts the working and vision of the company one can increase their search by adding keywords and most viewed words. Website content is another important aspect to look upon, with the help of keywords one can improve their position by adding different well-known words and phrases to capture a targeted audience. 

The above mentioned are some keynotes to understand the value of digital marketing and why it is so used in this fast-going world. 82% of people all around the world have access to mobile phones and the internet, and by having a good online presence one can increase overall development. One can see results as this will enhance the presence, operation and motivate different customers to purchase goods and services. It opens the door to many opportunities and increases the overall revenue of the organization which will eventually make a huge impact on the brand value. Being a popular and growing section, digital marketing has become the best tool to cater to a larger audience and acts as an appropriate channel to distribute products, services, and ideals. Thus, it’s important to move with the advancement in technology and services, to make a fruitful business presentation.

Scope of digital marketing in India post covid

If you are one of those who wonders  about the scope of digital marketing post COVID, then this is for you. Find about the growth, nature, and future of digital marketing in India & how the nation is coping with it, but before we dwell on it, let’s understand what Digital Marketing is and its importance for all growing and developing nations all around the globe. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Advertisement and delivery of various important updates and information through the means of digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, websites, search engines, mail, and other means is called digital marketing. With cheap data, affordable smartphones and relevant content, one can share relevant and necessary information to hold on to a different set of customers and users. Companies who wish to grab on proportional customers and clients on a global level and wish to create brand awareness to increase brand value should opt for it.

Businesses today are leveraging social media to attract and create brand value worldwide, through the means of search engines, social media platforms, emails, and other digital channels. One has to hop on the latest trend and match the company’s potential with customers’ needs and requirements to create customer contentment.

The shift of brands from offline to online: Before the pandemic, many companies and brands were engrossed in traditional marketing, where they had direct contact with their customers, but as the whole world got shut down there was a tremendous shift from online marketing to offline marketing. The budget of traditional marketing was dipped and that of online marketing kept rising and increasing. A study by e-marketer projected that this is the first-time offline advertisements were suppressed by online advertisements, which depicts the shift of demand from offline to the online market.

The increasing need for valuable social media presence: As India was under the social distancing law, there was no platform to directly reach customers and sell products and services, by which there came a need to have a valuable social media presence to engage customers who are out of the daily customers and clients. 

The widening scope of digital marketing: Another important aspect is the increasing scope of digital marketing and its people analyzing its giving needs for day-to-day operations. Marketers are now reaching out to customers through emails, search engines, virtual events, advertisements, and using influencer marketing to gain customers and create a needful online presence.

All of this has led to a widening of the scope of digital marketing for India. The sector is booming with more than 27% of people from the country indulging in making a fruitful online market for their businesses, thus with the growing needs, there arises a need for fulfillment and developing engagements. The impact of marketing is so much that there is a high need for digital marketing courses by more than 60k youngsters and entrepreneurs, applying and registering in May 2019. 

Digital marketing post-COVID 19

As discussed earlier, because of the shift and increase in creating good online image and engagements due to the pandemic, many companies are seen marketing their products to eventually increase their ROI (Return on Investments). Both humans and technology are being used to build up to the customer’s standards. According to an article by Yourstory, India has received 120 million regular online customers on a daily basis since 2018 and is expected to grow by more than 200 million, thus varied marketing strategies and multichannel digital marketing presence is important to make a necessary impact. One can make a good presentation before their customers and create awareness through:

  • Video marketing 
  • Search through organic and paid means 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Virtual reality and Augmentation 

Demand in Digital Marketing jobs: There has been a steep rise in digital marketing jobs and internships, which many youngsters and professionals are willing to do and some of them are:

  • Social Media Marketer/ Manager
  • AR or VR developer
  • SEO strategist
  • Content Developer
  • Data analyst

Thus, Covid19 has changed the way we were living and working by which there have been many changes in customer expectations and needs. Many customers don’t wish to purchase items that are off-market and don’t offer values. Brands and companies are understanding this shift and are taking effective steps to provide the best to their customers. Realizing the potential of digital marketing is very important, and continuous investment is required to stand in the desired position. The future of technology and digital marketing is booming, this is the right time to become a part of it.

How startups can leverage the power of digital marketing to expand their business? 

Having an idea, and converting it into a means of business requires a large amount of passion and diligence. With the advancement in technology and change in evolution, startups and small businesses are working all day long to make an impactful presence among different competitors and customers. Noticing and observing emerging trends and taking appropriate mergers which will help in building awareness and recognition among different people, is one of the keys for successful marketing. 

Coming with an abundance of benefits like cost-effectiveness, faster leads conversion, better return on investments, and effective reach, digital marketing has become an indispensable tool for many startups and companies. A startup is mainly defined by its people, marketing, and its services and if one of these seems lacking in its working, it adversely hampers the image of the organization, by which all these factors mark their respective importance in the operation. 

Various traditional and outdated marketing methods, which were used years ago remain convenient for old routes and cost a heavy amount in comparison to the new trending schemes and tactics. Studies have shown the startups which take effective measures and grow with tech and development are likely to remain in the market for a longer period. 

There are tremendous benefits of how digital marketing has demolished traditional methods and came out to be a supreme for all small startups and businesses, before washing our hands-on on how it leverages to expand the horizons of different occupations let’s discuss what digital marketing means:

Digital Marketing

Marketing online, through the means of gadgets like laptops, phones, desktops, and advertising through digital means like social media, search engines, email is termed as digital marketing. Through marketing, online different organizations come together and deal with their clients and customers by promoting their brand value and image.

How with the power of digital marketing a startup can leverage various methods to expand its reach and marketing?

  1. Improves brand awareness and visibility: Through the medium of digital marketing one can improve brand value and awareness among its competitors and customers, it aims to increase brand image by hiring the right information at the right time and with the right people. Presenting at the right platform which is customer-oriented is another aspect that should be taken care of, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn every startup has to identify their potential users and present their ideas and services on that platform itself. 
  2. Conversion of effective customers into potential sales: The prime intention of every organization is to convert effective customers into potential leads by efficient functioning and productivity and through the medium of digital marketing one can get relevant with all upcoming hindrances and take fruitful measures to convert customers into potential leads. Communication also helps in adding stars to convert a user into sales, by having a good impact on customers’ minds and presenting before then product and services, can lure them to buy and will eventually make a potential sale.
  3.  By keeping intact with different marketing methods: Another important aspect is to keep intact with different marketing methods like Search engine optimization (SEO). It offers an edge over other competitors and is affordable. With optimization companies get recognition and a better rank search engine result page (SERP), For a company who doesn’t want to spend money on various promotions and advertisements can swiftly shift to SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), ROI (Return On Investment) Tracking, Email Marketing.
  1.  Facilitates interaction and builds up relevant markets: There are various reasons why digital marketing is taking in the traditional marketing and one of them is to facilitate interaction and to build a larger market which will eventually increase the sales and returns. One can get in touch with the right users, and through it, one can come to know their wants and requirements, which they can work on in the future for better turnover. It will also help one gain loyalty and trust by which more users can venture into the products of the business. It also caters to mobile customers and clients, according to a study 91% of adults are active on their cell phones regularly which makes them potential leads which in turn becomes the market.  

Thus, if one is consistent and regular in their digital marketing strategy, then one can make a huge impact in getting seen and known, the importance of digital marketing has built an image in the minds of customers and funding organizations and if a company has a good online presence then they are sure to get numbers of leads. It helps a small business or a startup to grow in size and provides recognition maintaining the overall progress. With different tricks and strategies, a startup is sure to rise in the long run and benefit from all these schemes. 

How to ensure effective brand building with the User generated content?

Content is the most important part of the working of an enterprise. The more well-written the content the more the reach, moreover, user-generated content of UGC has become a new part of content marketing strategy. It has become a factor that allows one to grab a larger audience and provides the company with relevant feedback. User-generated content mainly means the content which is created by valuable customers, it can take place through different customer surveys and various types of contests which can affect the brand value and image.

Many users around the globe trust organic user-generated content as they find it relevant and useful more than traditional content styles. The feedback is real and even the user provides the right public image of the company by their generated content, thus UGC has gained its market overall through its honest and authentic nature. These contents act friendly and helpful for all the other customers, it also acts as social proof whereby by a positive content or response it can help you in developing fruitful leads and gain social media followers. It also helps to have trust among your audience and helps them to build trust in you. 

There can be both negative and positive responses and how to take into consideration is up to the company viewpoint, one has to make sure to take all considerations and work on the same.

Now let’s discuss what one can get the most out of user-generated content:

  1. Choose the most appropriate social media platforms:  Choosing the most appropriate social media platforms will help you to get an edge over your customers and clients. They will stick to one platform for surfing your product and services and will eventually provide their feedback or content according to it. An effective selection of social media will help one to grab fruitful attention and consideration from people all around the world. They should look where their customers engage more and spend the most time. Applications like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are most likely used as social media handles for a larger audience.
  2. Host different contests: One of the ways to get useful user-generated content is by hosting various projects, hashtags competitions, and caption writing competitions. This will not only help one to get followers but will also help in getting a commendable contest. By using relevant Hashtags and sharing the same, one can attract a larger audience and can push other followers to follow the same. Always make sure to create Hashtags that are easy to understand and work on, lengthy and irrelevant Hashtags won’t make one profound and seen. After all, this will help you to increase conversion rates and brand value, and trust.
  3. Reviews: Review takes the whole central idea of your product and services, an honest and sincere review can help the company gain access to different kinds of people from all over the world. One can always encourage their customers to leave reviews that are genuine and engaging so that they can grab a larger audience and trust. You can allow your customers to leave comments and reviews on your webpage, and different social media handles like Instagram and Facebook. You can motivate them by sending regular emails and different incentives like coupons and offers. Also, make sure to check on negative feedback and work on that specific change for your organization. Thus can be a great opportunity to work on your backlashes.
  4. Relevant video content:  Apart from content, video is another important aspect to get hold of people and insights. Having different people narrating about your brand’s importance and usefulness can help you to get famous and popular among their group of people and followers. These contents have an immense potential to get known and make people aware of your work and brand name. They offer an original perspective to one’s values and give credibility. You can ask your followers to prepare relevant videos and tag your company page in the caption settings. This will make people search for you from different parts.

Further, let’s grab our attention towards how user-generated content or UGC is useful in creating awareness:

  1. It helps in increasing brand engagement by getting a smart hold on different targets.
  2. One can increase conversion by replying to customers’ reviews and taking over different camps.
  3. Another important thing that UGC grants are building brand image and trust.
  4. It helps in getting hold of different people from varied cultures and traditions.
  5. It helps in saving time on content creation and helps in getting various new ideas and enriched content.

In a wrap, user-generated content or UGC helps in creating awareness and gets hold of different sections of people, it enables ones to get in touch with different competitions and how they work on these new ideations. 

Thus, by using efficient methods of user-generated content one can get attention and gain access to a larger audience. 

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